The Onionpatch Academy has provided my child with a foundation that is second to none!" She was ready for Primary school!


The facility is clean and organized. A great place for my child to grow and learn.


Comments from our Parent Survey 2015:

The openness and friendliness of the teachers is amazing. I am thoroughly impressed by the way the teachers know all the children's names this never fails to amaze me. The way the teachers cares for all the children is fantastic the patience and constant input and feedback provided to the parents is great. Overall we are pleased with the service and care provided by all the teachers. Thank you for you commitment and service.

Your genuine care and concern for children you look after

Face to face communication discussing my child's behaviour during the day. Friendliness of all staff members

Method of teaching- I get good suggestions of how I can work along w/ the school when it comes to my child's learning. When I voice my opinion of my child's problems I get good suggestions. & when done properly, I get results. I like how my child has homework as young as he is. This forces me to get involved.

High standard and quality of learning and having plenty of communication between teachers and parents on a day to day bases

Classroom management is fantastic- I am amazed at your ability to get a room of 2 year old boys to listen, cooperate, and follow instructions. I know that their growing ability to do this is the result of patience, discipline, and commitment. We have also been impressed by the prompt responses to feedback provided last year as all of my concerns were addressed. I've been impressed with The Leader In Me curriculum and lessons as well as the new incentive program for good behavior.

Thank you for the updates. It is reasurring to know that you are looking out for the welbeing of our children and your staff. We appreciate that you are taking proactive measures to maintain and healthy and clean environment.

Kind regards,

Ian and I are AMAZED! GO onion Patch. Last night Isla was spelling her NAME! I-S-L-A Isla, over and over again. Ian said – I think that’s from school! I laughed, do you think? Are YOU teaching her to spell her name? I know I’m not! Seriously, she’s 4 months away from being 3! SO impressed! Now, I always said I wanted to pick a name that was easy for a kid to spell… but I was thinking about when they were 5 in school! Not even 3 and in nursery! (Leo was going to be my boy’s name… so both were short and easy…) but STILL! SO impressed!

Two proud, happy, ‘braggy’ parents!
The Banfields

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