The Shallots Program
consists of children ranging from eighteen (18) months through two (2) years in age.  We ask parents to provide breakfast, lunch, a morning and two afternoon snacks. A refrigerator and microwave is located onsite for an added convenience. The administrative team of Onionpatch Infant care has designed an approved curriculum program specifically geared for this age group. 

The children begin learning their colors, shapes, ABC's, and numbers.  Stories, music, arts and crafts, and cooking projects are also incorporated into our Toddler Curriculum.  The Onion Patch is sent home every week outlining the teacher's lesson plans for the upcoming week. 

The Shallots Onions Class enjoys outside time in the morning and afternoon hours.  A Progress Report is also sent home twice a year.  Not only does this report provide Onionpatch Infant care the opportunity to reevaluate our curriculum program, it allows the parents to understand the developmental and academic stages of their child.  The staff to toddler ratio is 1:4.

We build on the toddler’s natural curiosity and imagination by focusing on sounds, colors, smells, shapes and textures as we encourage them to explore.  We stimulate language development by reading to the children and teaching them songs.

Each classroom has been designed to ensure your child is never out of sight or out of touch with his/her caregiver.  The diaper changing areas are designed so that caregivers are never facing away from the children.


We seek to fulfill and promote basic indicators of positive developmental advancement including:

  • Puts 3 words together (pronoun, verb, object)
  • Listens to stories with pictures
  • Turns pages by self
  • Tells immediate experiences
  • Imitates household tasks
  • Helps to undress
  • Handles spoon well
  • Builds 6 block tower
  • Imitates horizontal stroke
  • Circular scribbling
  • Opens doors
  • Walks up and down stairs, one step at a time
  • Down stairs, both feet on each step, holds rail
  • Up stairs, both feet on each step, holds rail
  • Runs well
  • Identifies four body parts
  • Stands on request from sitting position on floor


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