The Pearl Onions Class consists of children ranging from three (3) years in age through four (4) years of age. We ask parents to provide breakfast, lunch, a morning and two afternoon snacks. A refrigerator and microwave is located onsite for an added convenience.  The administrative team of Onionpatch Infant care has designed an approved curriculum program specifically geared for this age group. 

The developmental Pearl Onions kindergarten curriculum recognizes that children will soon be entering schools that have clear expectations of child readiness. The curriculum is a comprehensive approach that challenges children and supports all areas of development.

The curriculum builds off the child's knowledge and skill base, learning style, and interests. There is a clear emphasis on the development of strong language and math skills. Important "school skills" of listening carefully, following through on a sequence of tasks, and working cooperatively are reinforced as children are engaged in projects and daily activities. The curriculum extends from the planned child-choice learning environment (utilizing the Creative Curriculum) and incorporates Language Works, Math Counts, Science Rocks, Our World, ArtSmart, Well Aware and Projections to offer each child a kindergarten curriculum designed for school success.

The Pearl Onions Class enjoys outside time in the morning and afternoon hours.  A Progress Report is also sent home twice a year.  Not only does this report provide Onionpatch Infant care the opportunity to reevaluate our curriculum program, it allows the parents to understand the developmental and academic stages of their child.  The staff to toddler ratio is 1:8.


Each classroom has been designed to ensure your child is never out of sight or out of touch with his/her caregiver.  Toileting is encouraged however we do recognize each child is different and recommend the use of pull-ups or other trainers to assist the toileting process.


We seek to fulfill and promote basic indicators of positive developmental advancement including:

  • use 3-5 word sentences
  • ask short questions
  • use plurals ("dogs," "cars," "hats")
  • name at least 10 familiar objects
  • repeat simple rhymes
  • name at least one color correctly
  • ask to use the toilet almost every time
  • enjoy being read to
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