Our infant caregivers are loving, well trained, and extremely attentive to the needs of an infant. Our caregivers will follow your child's current feeding and sleeping schedule.

The Onion Patch will be sent home every week, which will outline your infant's feedings, naptimes, and diaper changes. The infant room is well equipped with bouncy seats, swings, exersaucers,  boppy pillows, and hand toys, which are all disinfected on a daily basis. Each infant is to supply their own crib sheet, and blanket.

Parents are more than welcome to decorate their infant's crib with bumpers, mobiles, and other crib toys. The infant room is also equipped with a changing table, sink, refrigerator, and microwave to meet each infant's needs. Our staff to infant ratio is 1:4.  This helps provide the time necessary to have individual quality time including holding each infant throughout the day and providing a great deal of individual interaction.  Each caregiver ensures your child is loved and provides each stage of your infant’s development by encouraging language acquisition, social interaction and sound physical growth.

Each infant care area provides a safe and dynamic area for play and interaction.  Infants (0-6 months) are kept separate from crawlers (6 months -1 year).  There are separate nap areas designed to create a quiet area for sleeping while maintaining high visibility to all cribs. The rooms are designed to ensure your child is never out of sight or out touch with his/her caregiver.

For nursing mothers, there are special areas available for nursing. This room is open all day and mothers are welcomed at any time to come and nurse. This room is air conditioned and features rocking chairs, soft music, boppy pillows and blankets to make this time as comfortable as possible for mommy and baby.

For your peace of mind, we adhere to strict sanitation standards.  Our caregivers provide a daily report regarding the activities of your child including your child’s eating, sleeping and diaper schedule, as well as activities and other special moments of the day.


We seek to fulfill and promote basic indicators of positive developmental advancement including:






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