Our Little Onions Class
consists of infants ranging in age from approximately one (1) year through eighteen (18) months.  An infant is eligible for our Little Onions Program once he/she is walking and eating table food. 

We ask parents to provide breakfast, lunch, a morning and two afternoon snacks. A refrigerator and microwave is located onsite for an added convenience. 


The Onionpatch Infant and Day Care Centre will provide a playpen or cot for each child depending on his/her age.  The Onion Patch will be sent home every week, which will outline your infant's feedings, naptimes, and diaper changes.  Our Little Onions caregivers entertain the children with songs, stories, finger plays, and they also take the children outside for a walk everyday if the weather permits.  The staff to child ratio is 1:6.   This ensures your toddler feels secure and loved while growing in self confidence and accomplishing the developmental goals of this age group.


We seek to fulfill and promote basic indicators of positive developmental advancement including:

  • Speaks 3-6 words (including names)
  • Enjoys "putting in and taking out"
  • Imitates scribbling
  • Walks alone
  • Jargon speech
  • Builds 2 block tower
  • Shows or offers toys
  • Understands simple verbal commands
  • 10 word vocabulary
  • Names a few pictures in book
  • Feeds self with some spilling
  • Hugs doll or bear
  • Builds 3-4 block tower
  • Strokes imitatively with pencil
  • Scribbles spontaneously
  • Walks fast, runs stiffly
  • Climbs into adult chair
  • Walks upstairs with one hand held



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