Toilet Training Policy

When you feel your child is ready for toilet teaching, we ask that you begin this teaching at home during a weekend or vacation.  We will follow through and encourage your child while in our care.  Toilet training will be done in a relaxed manner.

We require that the child must be at least 18 months old and must be showing signs of readiness.  The child must be kept in pull-ups at all times. Please keep in mind that the activity level here can distract your child from responding to an urge to use the potty, more so than at your home.  Therefore, we will continue to use diapers until your child can and will announce that (s) he must use the bathroom(not just at home, but here, as well) and can control his/her bladder and bowels for a few minutes beyond that announcement.

Do not bring your child in panties or underwear until (s) he has naptime and bedtime control established.  During potty training the child needs to be dressed in “User friendly” clothing as much as possible. The best items are shorts and pants with elastic waists. Try to avoid really tight clothing, shirts that snap in the crouch, pants with snaps & zippers and overalls as often as you can.  Your child will want to help pull pants, etc. up and down, plus clothing with too many buttons or snaps makes it harder to get the child on the potty in time.

We will only begin helping to potty train a child if you have been successfully began training at home for a week prior.  Please don’t ask us to begin potty training your child if you haven’t successfully began training at home.  We will gladly follow your means of potty training if you just let us know what it is.  For example, if your child is rewarded a sticker for each potty in the chair, just provide the stickers we will follow your lead we will not discipline your child if he/she has an accident.

During potty training you are asked to supply us with at least 3 extra full changes of clothing, including socks and training & plastic pants or pull ups. These are to be left at the day care and replaced as needed. Soiled clothes will be rinsed out and send home in a plastic bag to be washed.

Toilet Learning Readiness

Verbal Stages of Readiness:
Basic verbal skills: The child is able to speak in three or four word sentences

Physical and Psychological Signs of Readiness:

Our Policy Requires the Following:


For the first week, the child will be scheduled to use the toilet at consistent times of the day whether the child indicates the need to use the toilet or not:









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