Bedding, Clothing & Grooming

Children should arrive in clean clothes. Clothing should be easy to change without an excess of buttons, suspenders, or other features that will prolong changing and toileting. We change many children at a time. Simple clothing helps.

Children must dress appropriately for the weather. Clothing should fit properly and allow for easy and full participation in all activities. Please include hats, mittens, and scarves in cold weather. We go outside daily, except in cases of very severe weather.

Children must have a complete set of spare clothing left at the center. We do not have extras. Please label all clothes with your child's name. We have a permanent marker if you need it.

When you pick up your child please check his cubby, remove any soiled clothes, and replace them the next day with clean clothing.

Jewelry is strongly discouraged at the center. We are not responsible for lost or damaged jewelry.

Each child needs a crib-sized sheet and a small blanket for nap time. Infants should have an extra sheet in their cubby. All bedding should be taken home on Fridays to be washed, and returned on Mondays


Items from Home

We prefer that you do not bring toys from home, so that the children learn that all items are community property as they learn to share. You may bring comfort items that children use for nap time and other times as needed. The staff and center will not be responsible for items lost or damaged. All such items should have your child's name on them. If your child has a toy that you would recommend we buy, feel free to suggest it to us.


Diapers & Wipes

Parents are responsible for checking to see that your child's diapers, wipes, and creams are sufficient. We do not keep extras at the center. Diapers are not borrowed from other children. Large packages of diapers may be left at the center provided we have space.



1 crib sheet (at least 2 for children under 12 months)

1 blankets or light cover (at least 2 for children under 12 months)

3 sets of extra clothing (at least 2 for children under 12 months)

a package of diapers/pull ups

a container of wipes

pictures of the family so we can create a poster so the child starts to recognise family members

any creams for diaper rash, etc






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