Parents should take the time when they are at the center to chat with the teachers in the classroom. This casual communication is often the best way to keep abreast of how your child is doing. Sometimes many parents are here at the same time and teachers cannot have extensive conversations with everyone at once. Please keep this in mind and do not monopolize the teacher's time. If you feel a need to have additional time with the teacher we will try to schedule a specific time for you.

Please call the center each day your child is going to be absent.

Parents are responsible for reading posted information at the center. Important notices are posted inside the front door.

Parents are welcome to visit the center at any time. If you want to see how your child is doing please call during nap-time (1-3 pm) when the teachers are available to speak to you.

We may call you during the day to ask a question or mention something to you. Please do not get alarmed when you receive a call from us.

If it becomes necessary to close the center due to inclement weather it will be announced on HOTT 107.5 and Power 95 as well as via email or telephone.





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