We encourage parents to have open communication with all our teachers and administrators. Any problems or concerns about the classroom should be discussed with the teacher directly. If not resolved at this level, the parents should consult with the Administrator. All attempts will be made to solve concerns to everyone’s satisfaction. Communication is essential in any effective program. Teachers are responsible for supplying information to parents concerning their child’s growth and development, his/her routine daily care, and any significant occurrences during his/her day. Parents need to supply teachers with the details concerning goals and expectations for their child. Also, please inform The Onionpatch Academy staff of any significant changes in the child’s routine and any significant events in the child’s life. These situations could cause a change in behavior or require special attention from the staff.

Please remember to keep the staff informed of any changes in the home or emergency phone numbers, updates on work, residence, etc. The Onionpatch Academy staff must be able to reach all parents in the event of an emergency!

A minimum of two parent conferences will be planned by the staff during the year. At these conferences teachers will discuss the development of the child on all learning domains: physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively. However, a conference can be scheduled at any time if requested by the parent, teacher, or Administrator. If parents request a conference it must be scheduled so that the teacher can make arrangements for staff coverage.

All parents will be asked to complete a comprehensive evaluation form about The Onionpatch Academy annually. This information will be helpful to The Onionpatch Academy in implementing and/or redesigning its services. Typically, annual surveys are done in November. We encourage parents to complete these surveys in order to provide the best possible program for their child.

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