These policies are mandated by the Department of Health and are written to insure a healthy environment for all children. Failure to comply with them jeopardizes other children and our license to operate. Therefore children not complying with the Department of Health regulations will not be allowed to attend Nursery.

We do everything in our power to keep your children safe when they are in our care. During the course of play it is normal for children at this age to get some bumps and bruises. We will call you if your child has an accident so you are not taken by surprise when you pick him up. Please do not get alarmed when we call. Ninety-nine per cent of the time it is minor. Nursery has liability insurance in case of emergency. However, we expect that you will use your family health insurance first in the case of injury.

All children are required to have mandatory medical examinations in a timely manner. A chart indicating required immunizations, screening tests, and exams is available from the office.

All immunizations must be up to date. If there is a delay, a letter from the doctor must be on file at the center stating the reason and when the child is expected to be immunized.

The Department of Health will not accept medical examination forms signed by the child's parent even though that parent may be a physician, nurse practitioner or physicians' assistant.

All children in attendance at the center will be considered healthy enough to participate in all activities. This includes water play and outdoor activities year round. The children use local parks when the weather permits and take neighborhood walks.

If your child becomes ill during the course of the day we will contact you. In that event you must pick up your child as soon as possible. We cannot give a sick child the additional care he needs and still give optimal care to the rest of the group. The presence of a sick child puts all the other children at risk. NOTE: If you are not going to be able to be reached at your regular phone numbers remember to leave an alternate number with us.

Children with a fever of 101 or more will be sent home. This child must be fever free for 24 hours before returning to the center. Children with a fever of 101 whose parents (or emergency contact person) cannot be reached within 30 minutes may have to be taken to the Hospital emergency room. We expect you to arrange for your child to be picked up immediately. Children with three bouts of diarrhea, which is highly contagious, in one day will be sent home.

Because of the danger of contagion, all instances of communicable disease must be reported immediately to the director, as well as the Department of Health, so that center parents can be notified.



Communicable Diseases




According to the Day Care Regulations 1999, Section 7 - No drug or medication shall be administered to any child without specific written instructions from a parent of the child, a physician or other authorized health professional.

Medical Exemptions for Religious and Physical Reasons

Parents who choose not to follow the Department of Health required immunizations schedule for religious reasons may do so by completing the proper Department of Health form. In accordance with the Department of Health regulations, these children will be excluded from attendance whenever anyone at the center contracts a contagious disease. The period of exclusion will be the incubation period for the specific disease.
Children who, for physical reasons, have not been able to follow the required immunizations schedule, must have written proof from a physician on file at the center.





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