The Onionpatch Academy is now offering a half-day program. The program is subject to availability. The normally weekly schedule consists of five (5) working days Monday through Friday from 8am-12pm. Parents are asked to commit to one full term of half-days but may change to full time enrollment within the term. It is anticipated that half-day enrollment will result in full time enrollment.

The half-day program may be used as a transitioning tool particularly:

Part-time students are expected to follow the same policies and procedures as a full time student.

Part-time enrollment fees are as follows:
5 mornings - $2000 per term
3 mornings - $1300 per term (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)

Fall Term - September 1 to December 31 (approximately 13 weeks)
Winter Term – January 1 to April 30 (approximately 13 weeks)
Summer Term - May 1 to August 31 (approximately 13 weeks)

* Please speak to the Person In Charge if you are seeking alternate arrangements.

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