Due to these modern times we are seeing an increase in numbers of parents seeking care for their child(ren) that offers options that are flexible to their daily schedule. We at The Onionpatch Academy would like to accommodate by offering a half day program if we have space available. The weekly schedule consists of five (5) working days Monday through Friday from 8am-12pm. Many times we offer this program in hopes that it soon turns to a fulltime position as many parents use this format as a transitioning period (1 month). If you have a schedule that does not fit these criteria, please do not hesitate to discuss your needs with the Person In Charge to see if we can make prior arrangements. Due to the fact that we are an operational business, we are asking that part-time positions understand they are under the same policy as a full time student at The Onionpatch Academy.

If your child is out sick/vacation/closed for public holidays/school closure etc, please keep in mind that we do not make up these days/hours.

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