Monday - Friday: 7:30am - 6:00pm

Dropping off and picking up your child

When you bring your children in you should bring them to their classroom and help to get them settled. This includes taking off their outer clothing, putting their supplies in their cubby and food in the fridge. This transition period can be stressful for children, therefore it is important for you to leave time and not be rushed. It is helpful for you to touch base with the teachers about anything that may be going on for your child, for example: how last night's sleep was, how breakfast was, any major family changes, etc.

When children arrive late it can disrupt the morning routine. Sometimes the children may be already on their morning outing. Therefore all children should arrive at Nursery no later than 10:30 am.

When you pick-up and drop off your child please sign him in and out respectively.

Children will be released to parents only, unless written permission is on file for another individual.
Persons unknown to staff, but who are authorized to pick up a child at the center will be asked for photo identification before a child is released. Please make sure they know this.

If there is a mix-up in who will be picking up a child, we will not release the child until the mix-up has been resolved and appropriate people contacted.

NOTE: To keep Nursery as clean as possible, when you enter the building please use door mats to wipe your feet. Roll your stroller back and forth a few times to bring a minimum amount of dirt into the center. Please fold your stroller and put it away.



The Onionpatch Infant and Day Care Centre prides itself on providing quality service year round. When many schools are closed for midterm breaks, Easter breaks, etc, we are usually open.

Please note the following non-public holiday annual school closures:

Cup Match/Professional Development Days: We will be closed the three days prior to Cup Match in July/August every year to allow for professional development, training of staff and preparations for the new school year. We hope that this is a convenient time for your family vacation. Teachers need their holidays to avoid burn-out and be at their best when they are working with your child.

Christmas: We will be closed on the days between Christmas and New Years every year to allow staff to recoup and prepare for the new school year. It should be noted that on some occasions, depending on when a holiday falls we may close an extra day but this will be communicated to you well in advance in newsletters, the academic calendar and via email.

Please note we will be closed on the following public holidays:


Please note that unfortunately, we cannot reduce the tuition when we close because we have to meet monthly costs and pay staff for holidays. These closings are figured into the annual tuition costs.

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